Your Wedding Costs

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Wedding Costs

Many of us wonder about our dream wedding, have a detailed vision for it, but often think about whether or not it’ll ever be a reality. During the planning process it becomes clear that weddings aren’t cheap. You have to consider things like the cost of the ceremony, catering for the guests, the venue, flowers, and dresses for the bridal party. Things like this pile up and can easily blow the initial budget out of the water.

A lot of people believe that they’ll only be married once, so why not make your vision a reality? With TLC, don’t just dream it, live it! With our competitive payment plans, let us help you experience one of the most memorable moments of your life!


The credit provider may look at your credit report and ask for:

Your latest payslips

Bank account statements

Copies of other credit contracts or bills

This is so they can verify your ability to meet the loan repayments

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